Little Eddie's Fireworks
Open:   Dec. 20 - Jan.1
June 24 - July 4

Artillery Shells
From traditional festival balls to large multi-break assortments, we have you covered!
One Wick Displays
Roman Candles
Our Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. 
All of our product are offered to you at the absolute LOWEST prices you'll find in San Antonio due to the fact nobody is making a profit, we are All volunteers.... 
We have a large selaction of these great grand finale one wick fireworks...... from 16 shots to 220 shots, 
We stick to the best when it comes to firecrackers..... carrying a full array of Black Cat firecrackers.
Our packages range from smaller child friendly assortmets to large all in one family packs.
We carry a wide selection of hand held fireworks from 3 foot long sparklers to tradiional roman candles.
We got all here..... tanks, race cars, hens, chasers, smoke balls, the list goes on and on.
Make sure you check out all of our, "Buy 1 get 2 Free" deals!!!!!!!