Little Eddie's Fireworks
Open:   Dec. 20 - Jan.1
June 24 - July 4

About Little Eddies Fireworks

Little Eddies Fireworks is a church owned and operated fireworks stand found in several locations near San Antonio Texas. Since opening in 2007, we’ve strived to provide quality fireworks at the lowest prices.  Which we have been able to do because we are a non-profit organization that is completely operated by volunteers.  We simply pass the savings unto you in the hopes you will help us in our mission.

Little Eddies Fireworks is 100% owned by Faith Apostolic Church. It is operated solely by the church and its members as a non-profit fundraiser, with the intent of raising money for foreign missions and local church needs.  It is a 100% non-profit program that helps to support missions in over 10 countries around the world. In other words, ALL proceeds go directly to the church and all the workers involved are volunteers of churches.

The pastor, Edwin Featherstone, for which the DBA derives its namesake, Little Eddies, and assistant pastor Joel Featherstone, co-founded this project with the dream of raising funds to help those that are less fortunate then ourselves. Our dream started out as a single stand operation but has quickly grown into 5 very busy stand locations in and around San Antonio.  We do it all ourselves from building our own stands to ordering and pricing our own products. This is truly a work of love.  

With the help of many, much has been done and much has been made possible. We of Little Eddies, hope and pray that you can appreciate our vision and sacrifice by aiding, if possible, in our goal of financial outreach to a world in need.  

God Bless!!